Kassoy/Leica Ergonomic 64x Stereo Zoom Microscope

Kassoy/Leica Ergonomic 64x Stereo Zoom Microscope

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This best-selling jewellers microscope from Kassoy combines precision Leica optics and a deluxe gemological base from Kassoy.

An industry favorite, this stereo zoom jewellers microscope comes with the S6E Leica Stereo Zoom head with 64x magnification on the deluxe Kassoy gemological swivel base. This microscope has an ergonomic design with high contrast color saturation to make it a pleasure to use. Included are fold-down and tapered eye guards, dust cover, and flush-mounted stone holder. Tilting base has full 360 degree rotation and comes with three light sources: tungsten-halogen darkfield illuminator with sliding baffle and iris diaphragm, 9W overhead fluorescent lamp, and 18" built-in variable LED illuminator with ports on both sides of the darkfield for pinpoint accuracy. This microscope is built for 110v, 220v model is also available.

The GMK158RL is an LED ring light for microscopes to help bench jewelers see what they are working on better under the microscope without shadows. These variable intensity LED bulbs are 6400K.

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SKU: Product Price Quantity Status
GMK775400 Kassoy/Leica Ergonomic 64x Stereo Zoom Microscope $3,450.00
GMK775400-220 Kassoy/Leica Ergonomic 64x Stereo Zoom Microscope - 220v $3,450.00
GMK775400HDC Microscope + HD Camera $5,300.00
GMK158RL LED Ring Light for Microscope $175.00
GMK775D Magnification Doubler - 2x Objective Lens $315.00
GMKIP Kassoy Inclusion Pointer $79.95
GMK400LP Secondary LED Light Source $99.95
GMK400SH Replacement Wire Stoneholder $42.95
GMK775COVER Dust Cover for Microscope $14.95

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4 out of 5 stars

Andy Russakoff

Skowhegan, ME

Replaced my GIA scope which was damaged in a burglary. Great bang-for-the-buck! Overhead lighting is a bit harder to use. Head loosened up fairly easily. Other than that, a great scope!
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