Gemlogis Taupe Diamond Segregator

Gemlogis Taupe Diamond Segregator

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  • $589.00


The Gemlogis Taupe is the real deal for distinguishing real stones from manmade ones!

The Taupe Diamond Segregator from Gemlogis is able to distinguish natural diamonds (earth mined) from manmade (lab created) stones with one-touch instant results. Traditional diamond testers using thermal or electric conductivity will not separate the two. The Taupe's practical, portable and compact design allows you to test anywhere with instant results.

  • The Taupe is only for colorless stones, and diamonds D through M.
  • Size range .02 ct up to 12 ct max.

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Bill Palmer

Auckland, AUK

Why do the instructions not advise that this is only good for Diamonds in the near colorless range. Over say color L, the results are not reliable. The instructions in this respect are really ambiguous.
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