Dino-Lite Polarized Digital Microscope with EDF and EDR

Dino-Lite Polarized Digital Microscope with EDF and EDR

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This Dino-Lite microscope allows for magnification up to 220x in a compact package.

The AM4815ZT Dino-Lite microscope combines a polarizer with image processing features; Extended Depth of Field (EDOF) and Extended Dynamic Range EDR. EDOF & EDR are available to Windows PC users only. To view a rough or multi level surface with height range out of depth of focus, the AM4815ZTs EDOF capture mode can take several pictures at different focus and stack them automatically within a click. The resulted EDOF image maintains the picture quality from its original pictures which can be reviewed in DinoCapture 2.0. For high contrast or reflective surface, the EDR capture mode can help to reveal the details of dark or bright areas, which may lost in normal capture mode, by stacking images taken at different exposure levels. The freely adjustable polarizer helps to reveal more detail or to enhance the contrast on the surface by reducing or eliminating the reflections. This model has an adaptable cap design, a detachable and interchangeable front cap design used in the Dino-Lite Edge series. Simply removing the cap would yield more working distance which brings added convenience in the higher magnification range, or have better accessibility to the full range of magnification. 20x-220x magnification range and 1.3mp resolution. Goes with GM35STAND.

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