Gem Jar Tray with Foam Insert, Gem Jars, and Magnetic Cover

Gem Jar Tray with Foam Insert, Gem Jars, and Magnetic Cover

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These clear gem jars are set in a die-cut foam insert in a tray to display your loose gemstones in a variety of trays according to your needs. The color of the foam matches the color of the inserts in the jars. Many size and color options available. Large jars measure 1 3/4" D, Medium jars measure 1 3/8" D, Small jars measure 1 1/8" D. All of the gem jars measure 1/2" H. This tray comes with a removeable magnetic cover.
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SKU: Tray Size # of Jars Jar Size Price Quantity Status
GDS50WT Full 50 Small $26.25
GDS50BK Full 50 Small $26.25
GDS36WT Full 36 Medium $25.95
GDS36BK Full 36 Medium $25.95
GDS24WT Full 24 Large $24.95
GDS24BK Full 24 Large $24.95
GDS25BK Half 25 Small $21.50
GDS25WT Half 25 Small $21.50
GDS16WT Half 16 Medium $20.95
GDS16BK Half 16 Medium $20.95
GDS12WT Half 12 Large $19.95
GDS12BK Half 12 Large $19.95

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