Presidium LFT Diamond Scale - 50ct x .01ct

Presidium LFT Diamond Scale - 50ct x .01ct

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This scale is custom-ordered to meet the trade standards of the selected state. The approximate ETA for these scales is 2-3 weeks. UNLESS DEFECTIVE, ALL STATE SCALES ARE FINAL SALE.
This portable Presidium PCS-50LFT carat scale offers Legal-for-Trade reliability and accuracy at an affordable price. Supplied with a 50ct reference weight, leatherette carrying case and scoop, this scale is calibrated to be state-specific, making it Legal-for-Trade in the state for which it is ordered. Note that the scale is not qualified as Legal-for-Trade outside of the registered state. Weighing modes include ct, g, toz, gn. Measures 6" x 4 3/8" x 1 5/8" and comes with a 1 year warranty. Maximum weighing capacity is 50ct x .01ct.

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SKU: LFT State Price Quantity Status
SC50CSPL-IL Illinois $310.00
SC50CSPL-IN Indiana $310.00
SC50CSPL-KS Kansas $310.00
SC50CSPL-NC North Carolina $310.00
SC50CSPL-MT Montana $310.00
SC50CSPL-ID Idaho $310.00
SC50CSPL-WA Washington $310.00
SC50CSPL-VT Vermont $310.00
SC50CSPL-AZ Arizona $310.00
SC50CSPL-MS Mississippi $310.00
SC50CSPL-KY Kentucky $310.00
SC50CSPL-MO Missouri $310.00
SC50CSPL-OK Oklahoma $310.00
SC50CSPL- LA Louisiana $310.00
SC50CSPL-MI Michigan $310.00
SC50CSPL-DE Delaware $310.00
SC50CSPL-WV West Virginia $310.00
SC50CSPL-WY Wyoming $310.00
SC50CSPL-ND North Dakota $310.00
SC50CSPL-AK Alaska $310.00
SC50CSPL-HI Hawaii $310.00
SC50CSPL-UT Utah $310.00
SC50CSPL-MA Massachusetts $310.00
SC50CSPL-CO Colorado $310.00
SC50CSPL-ME Maine $310.00
SC50CSPL-SD South Dakota $310.00
SC50CSPL-WI Wisconsin $310.00
SC50CSPL-NV Nevada $310.00
SC50CSPL-RI Rhode Island $310.00
SC50CSPL-TN Tennessee $310.00
SC50CSPL-PA Pennsylvania $310.00
SC50CSPL-IA Iowa $310.00
SC50CSPL-NY New York $310.00
SC50CSPL-GA Georgia $310.00
SC50CSPL-AL Alabama $310.00
SC50CSPL-OR Oregon $310.00
SC50CSPL-SC South Carolina $310.00
SC50CSPL-CA California $310.00
SC50CSPL-MD Maryland $310.00
SC50CSPL-OH Ohio $310.00
SC50CSPL-NE Nebraska $310.00
SC50CSPL-NJ New Jersey $310.00
SC50CSPL-AR Arkansas $310.00
SC50CSPL-VA Virginia $310.00
SC50CSPL-NM New Mexico $310.00
SC50CSPL-TX Texas $310.00
SC50CSPL-CT Connecticut $310.00
SC50CSPL-FL Florida $310.00
SC50CSPL-NH New Hampshire $310.00

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