SmartPro AURA Premium Synthetic Diamond Screener

  • $7,995.00
  • List Price: $8,999.00
  • You Save: 11.16%


New and innovative, the SmartPro Aura is the first diamond screener that has the ability to allow you to test mounted stones automatically.

The SmartPro AURA synthetic diamond screen includes 2 trays and 2 holders. With the capability to test for natural diamond, CVD synthetic diamond, HPHT synthetic diamond, and cubic zirconia (CZ) it takes approximately 13 sections per test (loose detection). This ingenious tool is able to detect mount AND loose stones as small as 0.05mm.


  • Able to test loose and mounted stones.
  • Automated test results.
  • Built-in sharing results.
  • Built-in smartphone with a high resolution camera.
  • Built-in stepping motor for testing stones in rings and jewelry.
  • Detection of stones as small as 0.0002ct
  • Quick testing
  • Screens diamonds in the D-K color range.
  • Power Supply: 100-240V adapter.

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