Gravograph M20 Jewel Engraver

Gravograph M20 Jewel Engraver

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This new M20 Jewel from Gravograph is a compact solution for the retailer or jeweler that combines both flat and cylindrical engraving technologies in one machine.

This M20 Jewel all-in-one machine can engrave bracelets, medals, name tags & rings. Rings can now be engraved on the outside as well as the inside on this M20 Jewel engraver by Gravograph. It has a double head to accommodate both flat engraving (with patented hollow-shaft spindle motor) & ring engraving (with offset fixed diamond). To make it easy to engrave on rings, it features a removable vise. M20 Jewel comes with QuickClick engraving software (requires version 2.35 or higher). Many font styles are included & logos can be easily imported. The advanced laser assisted Point & Shoot™ technology assures error-free engraving & higher productivity. Includes plastic jigs, extra set of 3 plastic ring jigs, Allen wrenches (1.5, 5mm), carbide cutter .010", 1/8" shank, spare cutter button set screw, a brush, 3 practice rings, SmartStream driver instructions, Power module 120 VAC to 24VDC, USB cable to PC, plastic catch tray, & jewelers jigs (1 pair).


  • Net weight- 25 lbs
  • Engraving area (chuck unmounted)- 3.9" x 3.9"
  • Engraving area (chuck mounted)- 3.9" x 3.3"
  • Ring inside diameter- "0.47"-0.94"
  • Ring outside diameter- 0.49"-1"
  • Red pointer (over vise only)
  • Pen length- 2.75-6.4"
  • Spindle speed/power- 19,200 rpm fixed/20W

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