Yehuda Sherlock Holmes 3.0 CVD

Yehuda Sherlock Holmes 3.0 CVD

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There was a time when synthetic diamonds were a rarity, especially in sizes over 1 carat, but times have changed and mistakes can easily be made in both the purchasing and selling of diamonds. The trust of your customers and your reputation are on the line. The Assure Tested, Sherlock Holmes Detector 3.0 by Yehuda detects 100 percent of CVD/HPHT Lab Grown Diamonds, as well as CZ and Moissanite, and diamond coated CZ and Moissanite. The Sherlock Holmes allows you to test both loose stones and large pieces of diamond jewelry.

The Sherlock Holmes 3.0 features many new improvements, along with an updated design.

  • Test 18 Rings at a time
  • Improved User Interface and a folding screen for reduced glare and easier use at a desk
  • Numerous sensitivity settings for better analysis
  • 8x Magnification allowing for easy detection of diamond melee
  • Internal Long Wave UV test to reduce false positive results
  • Improved simulants detection
  • Automatic WiFi Updates
  • Results easily save to Google Drive or memory stick
  • Safe and secure bag included for traveling

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