Regine Grooved-Tip Tweezers

Regine Grooved-Tip Tweezers

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Regine Swiss-made INOX stainless steel tweezers. Features a grooved tip. Measures 6 3/8". 5 different size tips available.

Individual Specifications
Fine (TW18MF):

  • Weight: 20.8g
  • Length: 159mm
  • Tip Width: 0.80mm
  • Tweezer Opening: 8.40mm
  • Groove Size: 0.65mm

Medium (TW18MM):

  • Weight: 21.6g
  • Length: 160mm
  • Tip Width: 1.15mm
  • Tweezer Opening: 8.90mm
  • Groove Size: 0.65mm

Large (TW18ML):

  • Weight: 21.5g
  • Length: 158mm
  • Tip Width: 1.50mm
  • Tweezer Opening: 7.80mm
  • Groove Size: 0.90mm

Extra Extra Large (TW18MXXL):

  • Weight: 21.9g
  • Length: 160mm
  • Tip Width: 2.45mm
  • Tweezer Opening: 13.75mm
  • Groove Size: 1.50mm

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SKU: Tip Price Quantity Status
TW18MXL Extra Large $27.95
TW18MF Fine $27.95
TW18ML Large $27.95
TW18MM Medium $25.99
TW18MXXL XXL $27.95

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