Elmasonic Easy Series Ultrasonic Cleaners

Elmasonic Easy Series Ultrasonic Cleaners

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This new line of Elmasonic Cleaners features a wide array of tank capacity options and unparalleled ultrasonic cleaning power.

  • Simple and self-explanatory operation - easy to use
  • All devices are sold with a cover which serves as noise protection and when put upside down serves as a drip tray..
  • Elmasonic Easy 10 and 20 are available with and without heating elements
  • All models have a timer up to 30 minutes and continuous operation function
  • Permanently integrated Sweep function for even distribution
  • Adjustable pulse function increases the ultrasonic peak power for removing even encrusted polishing paste and for faster cleaning results
  • Adjustable limit temperature with LED display for temperature-sensitive stones (flashing LED warns when the set limit temperature is exceeded)
  • Two year warranty
  • Cleaner baskets for these utlrasonics can be found on the Cleaning Accessories page.

Call a Kassoy expert with questions about which Elmasonic Cleaner is best for your business at 800.452.7769 or shop now!

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SKU: Capacity Heating Power (W) Dimensions Price Quantity Status
CLEASY180H 5 Gallons/22.73 Liters 800 14.61"W x 13.66"D x 12.68"H $1,320.00
CLEASY120H 3.5 Gallons/15.91 Liters 800 13.46"W x 11.22"D x 12.68"H $1,212.00
CLEASY100H 2.5 Gallons/11.37 Liters 400 13.35"W x 11.06"D x 10.71"H $1,045.00
CLEASY60H 1.5 Gallons/6.82 Liters 400 13.43"W x 7.72"D x 10.69"H $735.00
CLEASY40H 1 Gallon/4.55 Liters 200 10.35"W x 6.93"D x 10.59"H $725.00
CLEASY30H 3/4 Gallon/3.41 Liters 200 10/39"W x 6.93"D x 8.62"H $439.00
CLEASY20H 1/2 Gallon/2.27 Liters 120 6.93"W x 6.93"D x 8.62"H $399.00

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