UV Lamp, Cabinet & Stand

UV Lamp, Cabinet & Stand

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The UV lamp features both long and short-wave ultraviolet bulbs and the cabinet contains a filter to help protect eyes from ultraviolet rays. The dual short/long-wave UV lamp enables checking for fluorescence; detects dyes, oils and assembled stones; and helps to distinguish natural stones from synthetics. Choose the open stand to save space where office lights can be dimmed. Lamp, cabinet and stand are all sold separately! We strongly recommend the use of the UV protective eye wear when using the open stand.
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SKU: Description Price Quantity Status
GM25/10 COMBO 4 Watts 120 volt Lamp & Cabinet $555.00
GM25/10-220 4 Watt 220 volt Lamp & Cabinet $590.00
GMUVGL-220 4 Watt UV Lamp, 220 volts $325.00
GMUVGL-25 4 Watt UV Lamp, 120 volts $355.00
GMCC-10 Viewing Cabinet Only $300.00
GMUVJ-124 Stand for Lamps $64.00
GMUVE-02 Protective UV Blocking Goggles $32.99
GMUVE-01 Protective UV Blocking Spectacles $29.25
S-34000301SW Replacement Shortwave Bulb for GMUVGL-25, 254nm $42.50
S-34000501LW Replacement Long-wave Bulb for GMUVGL-25 & GMK182, 365nm $35.00

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