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KASSOY carries a wide selection of high-quality jewelry loupes. Recently we asked bench jeweler Wayne Werner to weigh in on a few of our best-selling loupes:

"I never knew how many choices there were for jewelry loupes until I started working the JCK Las Vegas show. Every year I get an education on the good, better and best selections of loupes on the market. Seems like every time I work the show I have someone stop by the booth early in the morning to pick up 'The Hawk'. The Triplet Hawk by Swiss-Axe is by far the most popular high-end jewelry loupe and from the moment you hold it in your hand you know it will be hard to beat. With a 10x magnification (the industry standard), a 21mm-wide lens and its unique anti-reflection features, this loupe is the choice for cutters, graders, and buyers of major goods. Other contenders in this category are the Kruss Weinschenk with the option of combining its 10x and 20x lenses to provide a 28x magnification, as well as the Schneider, known for its sharp, bright, edge-to-edge distortion-free viewing. In the middle range you will find Nikon, Zeiss and Kaya jewelry loupes in all shapes and sizes. My favorite of these middle range loupes is the Kaya wide view with its 21.5 mm lens. It's wide, bright, and a very easy loupe for my customers to use when I am showing them goods."

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